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A huge thank you to everyone endorsing Alicia for the Hamilton County Commissioners race!

John Cranley


Mark Mallory

Former Cincinnati Mayor , DNC Executive Member

David Mann

Councilman, Former Congressman, Mayor

Aftab Pureval

Clerk of Courts

Charlie Luken

Former Mayor

Charles Johnson

Mayor of Forrest Park

Ruby Kinsey Mumphrey

Lincoln Heights Mayor

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

Wyoming Mayor

Brian Poole

Woodlawn Mayor


Joe Mallory

Former Forest Park Vice Mayor


Cecil Thomas

Ohio State Senator

Sedrick Denson

State Representative

Brigid Kelly

State Representative

Catherine Ingram

State Representative

Greg Landsman

City Councilman

Rep Stephanie Howse

Pres. OH Legislative Black Caucus 

Chelsea Clark

Forest Park Councilwoman

Linda Childs Jeter

Lincoln Heights Councilwoman and Ward Chair

Laketa Cole 

Former Cincinnati Council Pro Tem

Barbara Myers

 Ward 4 Chair & Women Political Caucus President


Jerry Baker
Evendale Ward Chair 

Jackie Edmerson 

Ward 7 Chair

Sandra Jones Mitchell

Avondale Community Council President

Ryan Messer

Ward Chair and CPS Board

Mike Moroski

Ward Chair, CPS Board

Harriet Russell

CPS Board

Carol Mitchell Lawrence

Withrow High School Alumni Centennial Chair


Chandra Monroe Williams 

Business Owner

Bernadette Watson

Ozie Davis

Former CPS School Board Member

Iris Roley

Community Activist

Rev. KZ Smith 

Marvin Smith

Ollie’s Trolley Owner

Dean Greggory

Montgomery Inn Boathouse Owner

Steve Hightower

Business Owner

Doris Owens

Colerain Township Resident & Springfield Township Business Owner

Malcolm Timmons

Retired Metro Driver and CEO of Upscale Events

Angelita Moreno Jones

Small Business Owner – Eastern Personnel

Bishop Bobby Hilton 

Quentin Monroe

Pastor and President of Cincinnati National Action Network

Rev. Damon Lynch, JR.

Pastor Damon Lynch III

Rev. Donald Jones

Rev Dock Foster

Baptist Ministers Conference Member

Rev. Paul Booth Jr.

President of Collective Empowerment Group


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